Recognizing the importance of Health in the process of economic and social development and improving the quality of life of   our  citizens, the Government of India has resolved to launch the National Health Mission to carry out necessary architectural   correction in the basic health care delivery system.

The Mission adopts a synergistic approach by relating health to determinants of good health viz. segments of nutrition,   sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water. It also aims at mainstreaming the Indian systems of medicine to facilitate health   care.

The Plan of Action includes increasing public expenditure on health, reducing regional imbalance in health infrastructure,   pooling  resources, integration of organizational structures, optimization of health manpower, decentralization and district   management of health programmes, community participation and ownership of assets, induction of management and financial   personnel into district health system, and operationalizing community health centers into functional hospitals meeting Indian   Public Health Standards in each Block of the Country.      Read more

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