Uttarakhand Health & Family Welfare Society was constituted in the year 2002 with aim to serve as umbrella society for all national programs and effect health sector reforms with the help of external funding agencies such as USAID.


By vertical merger of all 6 important National Programs and recruitment of skilled staff the objective was to bring operational efficiencies in implementation of NPs at state and district level through smooth & effective fund flow, reporting mechanism and monitoring to oversee that the programs are running as planned and are on schedule in order to achieve the better health outcomes. All funds from Gol for operationalzing the NPs are received in UKHFWS and then released to program officers of different programs at state and district societies as envisaged in state & district action plans.

UKHFWS shall be responsible for the following - 


Funds management, utilization certificates and audit


Management of NGOI PPP component of all programs


Development of HR policies and job descriptions for various categories of health staff working in department of Medical, Health & FW


To carry out civil works procurement, maintenance and logistics of equipments etc under non- budgetary funds.


Monitoring and evaluation including concurrent evaluation of all national programs.


Planning of all national programs including RCH II planning.


Development of training policies, training of trainers and training capacity of the state.


Mobilization and hiring of technical assistance inputs at state and district level